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Being properly licensed ensures that the responding authorities will indeed respond to all alarms that are sent to dispatch, avoiding costly fees and potential down time. In addition we help our customers at the local level file the proper permits where required.

Central Station Licensing

Rapid Response Monitoring maintains licenses in all areas that require them for monitoring. Additionally, our Licensing and Certifications Manager is a member of the Installation Quality (IQ) Board and works continuously to ensure that Rapid Response Dealers are in compliance with all municipal and state ordinances throughout the United States. The manager is an approved Facility Security Officer (FSO) and an advocate and experienced resource for our dealer network in meeting the highest industry standards.

Special Dispatch

We also keep track of which jurisdictions have special dispatch requirements such as Verified Response or Enhanced Call Verification (ECV). We will send update notifications to customers with accounts in affected areas when we hear of a new dispatch rule in a specific jurisdiction.