If the power goes out, will my alarm still work?

When an A/C power failure occurs your system stays online. Every security system we install includes a battery backup power supply that keeps your system functioning during temporary power outages. If your battery is over three years old call us to replace it.


What should I do in the event of a false alarm?

Remain calm and turn off your security system if you can. Our monitoring center will call you to make sure that everything is okay and will ask you to give your password at that time to verify who you are. You can also call us anytime at 1-800-920-0315 to let us know that you set /your alarm off.


When should I replace my smoke detectors?

Even if your smoke appears to be functioning- According to the National Fire Protection Association, “Smoke detectors should be replaced when they are 10 years old.” (2017)


How long will my carbon monoxide detectors last?

It depends on your manufacturer. All carbon monoxide detectors have a limited service life, typically starting at two years. Most devices will also emit an end of life chirping or signal.


I am changing my telephone service to a cable/internet based phone service; will that affect my alarm system?

It all depends on the alarm system that you have and the type of phone service you are switching to. Give us a call and we will be happy to give you a more definitive answer and guide you to the best solution.


How do I update my contact list and change my user codes?

Just call us at 203-743-1721 and our customer service representatives will verify your password and account number making the changes you request right away.

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