24 Hour Monitoring

Rapid Response East and West

Rapid Response has facilities located on the East Coast and on the West Coast to handle all of your 24 Hour Monitoring needs.

Rapid Response East and West

All Central Monitoring Stations Are not Created Equally! Our mission is simple but powerful; we are here to protect lives, property, and to ensure business continuity. For a successful mission our central station's strategic plan executes the following:



NYFD Approved

Rapid Response is certified to comply with the stringent regulations required to monitor fire alarms in the New York City’s Five Boroughs. Rapid Response is visited annually by the New York City Fire Department inspector who administers the Central Station Signaling System exam. Our personnel has a 98.7% passing rate on the examination.


Rapid Response is certified by Underwriters Laboratories for:UUFX Protective Signaling Services Central StationCRZM National Industrial Security Systems (Monitoring Stations)CRZH National Industrial Security Systems (Burglar Alarm Systems)CVSG Mercantile (Burglar Alarm Systems)In addition, signals are processed by an automation system that has been field evaluated and labeled by U.L. for compliance with UL 1981.

IQ Certified

Rapid Response has been certified as part of the NBFAA Installation Quality Certification Program.

FM Approaved

Rapid Response is in compliance with the equipment and service requirements of FMRC Approval Standard 3011 'Central Station Service For Fire Alarms And Protective Equipment Supervision' in the category of 'Central Station Company (Complete Service).'

Intesive Training

Rapid’s intensive six-week training program, certified by the Security Industry Association (SIA), is the most rigorous in the industry. It is comprised of:

  • Formal classroom training (3 weeks)

  • Operations training under the tutelage of CCS/Trainers (1-2 weeks)

  • Hands-on training monitored by Supervisory staff (1-2 weeks)

Additional skills in all areas are developed through one-on-one training with Control Center Floor Trainers or department trainers and/or classroom training conducted by members of the Training Department.

On-going training, meetings to review policies and procedures, and performance enhancement workshops are regularly scheduled to update and reinforce Central Station Specialists’ skills.

Control Center Specialists are also tested and evaluated by the Quality Assurance division to evaluate their knowledge and performance and to identify areas that need additional training.

Minimum Requirements

Minimum requirements for the position of Central Station Specialist are:

  • A 2-year Associates degree

  • Comparable credits toward a bachelor’s degree

  • Or two years of military service

  • Full pre-employment drug screening and background checks

  • Previous customer service background is preferred.

Central Station Licensing

Rapid Response Monitoring maintains licenses in all areas that require them for monitoring. Additionally, our Licensing and Certifications Manager is a member of the Installation Quality (IQ) Board and works continuously to ensure that Rapid Response Dealers are in compliance with all municipal and state ordinances throughout the United States. The manager is an approved Facility Security Officer (FSO) and an advocate and experienced resource for our dealer network in meeting the highest industry standards.

Special Dispatch

We also keep track of which jurisdictions have special dispatch requirements such as Verified Response or Enhanced Call Verification (ECV). We will send update notifications to customers with accounts in affected areas when we hear of a new dispatch rule in a specific jurisdiction.

Rapid Response Monitoring has created the industry’s preeminent monitoring service with mirrored reliability on both coasts: Syracuse, NY, a 75,000 sq. ft. headquarters facility and in Corona, CA, a 21,500 sq. ft. full-load capable monitoring center. By offering tomorrow’s generation of monitoring technology today, Rapid is a quantum leap ahead of other security monitoring providers. Every aspect of our technology, infrastructure and operations is multi-redundant to work faultlessly and assure error-free, uninterrupted service.

Redundant Power Systems

Rapid East features four digitally controlled Caterpillar diesel generators. Two supply 1.2 megawatts of secure standby power supported by independent 1,200-gallon fuel tanks and an additional two provide a supplemental 1.6 megawatts of secure standby power supported by independent 3,100-gallon fuel tanks. Additionally, four Liebert 150kVA Uninterrupted Power Supply units wired into dual-buss configurations provide unfailing power.

Rapid West features dual digitally controlled Caterpillar diesel generators, supported by independent 1,400-gallon fuel tanks which supply 900 kilowatts of secure standby power. Additionally, two APC 100kVA Uninterrupted Power Supply units wired into a dual-buss configuration guarantee continuous power.

Network Security

Rapid Response’s advanced network security systems at both facilities include dual Palo Alto Networks® and Barracuda NetworksTM next generation firewalls installed in High-Availability (HA) Pair. Redundant Blue Ridge NetworksTM crypto-servers create a VPN “cryptographic tunnel” for external remote access, providing some of the most advanced encryption in the world.

Physical Security

Rapid Response facilities are protected 24/7 by analytic video surveillance and physical security officers, plus continuously updated facial recognition access technology and multi-agency approved fail safes. Custom designed to meet and exceed industry standards, Rapid Response facilities are approved by multiple licensing and certification agents including the United States Department of Defense, Factory Mutual (FM) and Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) for UUFX, CRZH, CRZM, CV56 and system compliance with UL 1981.

Computer Network Redundancy

Each Rapid Response facility has multi-layer alarm processing system redundancy built on a multi-gigabit fiber optic network communicating via Cisco 2950 or 3750 hubs, dual Cisco Catalyst 6509 or 6513 core switches and dual Cisco Nexus 9516 core switches. Each facility also has eight R820 Dell PowerEdge Servers plus eight Dell PowerEdge R720 servers with dual multi-gigabit network cards and power supplies for real-time RAID 10 lockstep mirroring.

Multi-Protocol Label Switching

Dual redundant Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) from two independent network providers with diverse routed dedicated private SONET Rings create a real-time 24/7 link between facilities; high-level security and multi-level carrier redundancies ensure continuous uptime and incredible speeds.

Network Connectivity

Each Rapid Response facility utilizes four network providers to ensure the highest and most reliable network connectivity available. All are managed by redundant FatPipe 1800-V300 Standard MPVPN installed in High-Availability (HA) Pair dynamic load balancing appliances to ensure the highest level of reliability and fastest routing speeds.

Advanced Telecommunications

Each Rapid Response facility is equipped with an Avaya Aura Communications Manager 6.3 Server with dual processors and redundant fiber optic links between carriers. Use of five national providers and three local providers at each facility creates unsurpassed redundancy. All communication providers utilize diverse routed dedicated private SONET Ring architecture with multiple entry points to each facility.

Whether you are on site or off site, information and control of systems is paramount to securing your people and facilities. Additionally our services provide advanced auditing & false alarm reduction.



“Rapid Response’s core belief is three-pronged: people, training and technology. The Excellence Awards judges determined that this outstanding company proved to deserve the spot at the pinnacle of our industry. Rapid’s application detailed extensive plans for disaster recovery, false alarm reduction, education and training, technology innovation, customer relations, and community outreach efforts including charitable activities. Its leaders are heavily involved in bettering the industry through volunteering with industry associations to advance important issues such as standards, public sector engagement, and legislation.” – TMA Excellence Awards Judges

Other Notable Accomplishments

-Center State CEO Economic Champion

Rapid Response Monitoring was recognized for contributions to the economic growth of the Center State New York region through facility expansion and addition of local career opportunities.

-Society for Human Resource Management Employer of Distinction Award for Best Work Environment

Rapid Response was awarded for our dedication to providing a superior work environment for all employees.

-American Heart Association Fit-Friendly Work Site Gold Achievement Award

Rapid Response was recognized for our efforts in promoting health and wellness programs for our employees.

-Healthiest Employers of Upstate New York

Medium-size Business Category for creating a healthy work place for employees by implementing unique and customized health and wellness programs within the organization.

-Statement of Support for the Guard and Reserve

Rapid Response is proud to support the needs of our servicemen and women in all branches of the military.