Edward Essa

CEO(Chief Executive officer)
Brief info

Eddie Essa is the Founder and acting President/CEO of Alarm King, Inc. Launched in 1984 as a local company with a mission to provide quality security systems to the New York and Connecticut Markets, Alarm King achieved great success and goodwill throughout the communities it served. Through his leadership relationships were formed with a core group of technical staff and top manufacturers/ distributors around the world. Based on these relationships, Alarm King built a solid foundation to consistently provide Burglary Alarm, CCTV, Fire, Access Control and Loss Prevention solutions that far exceed that of the competition. Using a customer-centric approach, enterprise equipment, knowledgeable trained staff, and technicians, Eddie expanded the Alarm King footprint throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. With this expansion, Eddie did not want a company of just numbers. He continuously pushes a culture of providing customers the very best of onsite service, equipment, and personal care. He takes pride in having a company that still insists on having a human answer the phones to take care of his customers, “We must be available 24/7 and at a moment’s notice without fail. In addition, we must be able to rapidly solve any issues, not just take messages. That’s what sets us apart from other alarm companies and what our customers expect.”
Eddie oversees all aspects of company growth including account acquisition, financing, and is continuously researching new products and service offerings to further enhance our value to customers. Through his direction Alarm King, Inc has invested and launched a suite of new customer-focused products and tools including CCTV, Access Control and Burglary Alarm Integrated Cloud Portals.
With the understanding that business owners need relevant data, auditing tools and notifications of individual and unique “red flags” Eddie wanted to provide our customers a greater return on investment. Stay tuned… With Eddie leading the team there is more to come…

Multiple State Licenses and Manufacturer Certifications.
BS- Business Management, Atlanta Christian College (Now Barton)